Data Destruction Services

With the constant threats to data security, protecting your confidential data is one of the highest priorities for all companies. Our recycling solutions can assist in securing your data on retired assets.

Secure and simple is what ITX offers to help you manage the disposition of hard drives. We offer hassle-free removal and guaranteed data destruction.

  • Permanently Remove Data, Making Any Data Recovery Impossible
  • Can wipe Mac OS, Linux, and Windows devices with the latest NVME drives and all SSD types. PC, laptops, servers & mobile
  • Compliant with all major standards NIST, NIAP EAL 4+, DoD 5220.22-M
  • Certified by NIAP to EAL 4
  • DOD 5220.22-m Wipes Offer Government-Level Security
  • Wipe Copiers (many modern copiers store digital copies of the documents they process on internal storage)
  • Onsite drive wiping available

We offer solutions for small and large projects and multiple methods to destroy data. We provide solutions for magnetic and solid state drives SAS and SATA.

All assets are stored and secured until processing begins. Security measures implemented at all ITX facilities include physical barriers, intrusion alarm systems, high end surveillance, limited access and locked areas, strict visitor controls, secured storage, strategic lighting, and alarmed peripheral exits. Background checks are done on all new employees and IT security protocols are in place to protect client assets.

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