ITX Facility Overview

ITX stores manages, monitors and markets all received assets from a north Silicon Valley fully functional, up-to-all codes, monitored - sprinkled - secure-alarm-coded 24/7 operations building in Burlingame, CA. Over 30 thousand square feet of free span open space is available for receiving and cataloging. Ingress and egress via multi sided dock high clearance. We maintain protected asset secure internal space and control. Current monthly users include both Amgen and Pfizer (both global 500 and due diligence tested users) among multiple other asset suppliers. Frequent inspections are invited to ensure safety and hazmat standards and always an open log to sellers and consignors. First protocol is accuracy of shipment and asset protection. Over one million individual assets have been received - monetized and delivered without incident. We provide value creation matched with an unwavering commitment to compliance. We offer the industry's most sophisticated governance monitoring on export and destruction visual standards.